Live from Kirksville, it’s Tuesday night!


Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Ah well. The good news is, while I may not be able to start off my blog posts that way, SNL can- and the new season began this past Saturday! The ever hilarious Chris Pratt (aka Emmet from the Lego Movie) made his debut as host, along with two new cast members. It was overall a pretty entertaining show, so here’s to a fun new season of SNL- and a great 40th season!

Without further ado, lets get down to the good news for the week!


-According to US health authorities, Ebola may be finally contained in Nigeria and Senegal. According to BBC News, no new cases have been reported there in almost a month. The CDC reports that the outbreak could be declared over in Nigeria next month.

-In case you didn’t know already, both the Kansas City Royals AND the St. Louis Cardinals have made it to the MLB playoffs! We’re that much closer to an all-Missouri, I-70 World Series showdown, people! (Who would you rather see win? Comment and let me know!)

-In local news, Truman State University’s long-awaited planetarium will be opened to the public on October 11. The planetarium project was begun in 2005, but a lack of funding caused the project to stall and the planetarium sat on the north side of Magruder collecting dust. Del and Norma Robison of Kirksville’s generous contributions have made the completion of the planetarium possible. The dean of science and mathematics says the facility can be used for concerts, movie nights, multimedia presentations, and even weddings!



Let’s be perfectly honest here- there’s not much to be said about the Ebola crisis that’s good. One of the stories above mentioned that the outbreak could be declared over within a month in Nigeria if things continue to go well. That being said, the current death toll is still at around 3,000 people. To make matters worse, CBS news reports that the first confirmed case of Ebola has been found in the United States, in Texas- an airline passenger coming from Liberia. Many people are very worried about a nation-wide outbreak.

So what’s the good news? That is very, very unlikely to happen. According to CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden…

“There is zero risk of transmission on the flight. Ebola doesn’t spread before someone gets sick, and he didn’t get sick until four days after he got off the airplane. So we don’t believe there was any risk to anyone on the flight.”

Ebola is not an airborne disease- the disease is only spread through direct contact with bodily fluids, such as the blood of a victim. Plus, the disease is only contagious when a person is showing symptoms, and health professionals in the US are, of course, on high alert.

Health officials on Texas are currently tracking down everyone who may have had contact with the infected man and monitoring them for the next 21 days (Ebola’s incubation period). Dr. Frieden again…

“While it is not impossible that there could be additional cases associated with this patient in the coming weeks, I have no doubt that we will contain this.”

If you notice anyone with sudden flu-like symptoms, contact a doctor right away.  But have no fear! Thanks to modern medical technology, it’s incredibly unlikely that the US will be brought to its knees by Ebola. At least one Facebook user managed to make light of the situation (don’t read on if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan)…


Has Ebola affected you personally? If so, tell me all about it in the comments section.


Unless you live under a rock (or you’re one of the last great flip phone users), you know that the iPhone 6 came out this week. If you happen to be an iPhone lover, you probably shouldn’t watch this video. If not, watch away, and find out…will it blend?


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