Penguin Shaped Cars and Other Crucial Topics


If you’re part of my audience from the United States, this word was utterly inescapable today.

From Google…


…to Tumblr…


…and on signs all over Truman’s campus…

Courtesy of Jenny Hill
Courtesy of Jenny Hill

…citizens got plenty of reminders to exercise their right to participate in our democracy!

Here’s tonight’s dose of the good stuff!


-Oil prices are currently at a multi-year low after Saudi Arabia cut the price of oil to the U.S. According to the Associated Press, the 25 percent or so slide in oil prices since the summer could boost consumer spending and business investment in many economies around the world as fuel prices fall.

-Check out this beautiful rendition of the US national anthem played by trumpeter Chris Botti that brought some NFL players to tears.



Thirteen years after the September 11th attacks, the World Trade Center has reopened.

The AP called the opening of the 1,776 (sound familiar?) foot skyscraper a “symbolic return to normalcy” for the city, and a symbol of American resilience. The building is 60 leased and is expected to hold about 3,000 employees by next year.

Despite fears that the building come become the target of another terrorist attack, the director of New York’s Port Authority says that it is the most secure building in the world. A great many new security features have been added to the building, including mechanical systems that are encased in hardened concrete.

It’s a bittersweet victory, but a victory for the United States nonetheless!


Courtesy Popular Science
Courtesy Popular Science

Can we talk about how cute this remote controlled car is? It’s being used by scientists in the Antarctic to read radio frequency identification tags on penguins. (Now you know the story behind this post’s intriguing title! If penguin cars were on the ballot, I would definitely vote for them. [Fingers crossed.])


A terminally ill college basketball player finally gets her wish to play in a game. Try to get through this one without letting your eyes water just a little.

Have a great week! (And don’t forget to vote next time!)


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