Winter of our Good News Content

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

888,264 is a lot of poppies. And a testament to a worldwide desire for peace.

Today is Veterans Day in the U.S. and Armistice Day in many other parts of the world. Today w commemorate the end of fighting in World War I in 1914, and seek to honor all past and present members of the armed forces.

The Tower of London was surrounded the nearly 900,000 ceramic poppies four months ago in honor of WWI’s one hundredth anniversary. The installation has attracted nearly five million visitors so far.

No featured story tonight, but hopefully that will change next week! (We have a couple of extra categories that make up for it.)


-The White House recently put their full support behind net neutrality, the idea that the Internet should be free and open for all to use equally. President Obama¬†told the Federal Communications Commission on Monday that he does not want to allow companies the right to slow down customer’s Internet service to force them to pay for higher speeds.

-“The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon has nobly pledged to donate all of his $100 million fortune to charity, after he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Most of the money will go to his own charity, the Sam Simon Foundation.

-Good news for people with dyslexia– Dutch designer Christian Boer has created a new font that can help dyslexic people read.

Courtesy of Slate


The world’s first solar bike path opened this week in Amsterdam. The path¬†could meet the electrical demands of two or three houses for a year.

Courtesy of NPR
Courtesy of NPR


Kirksville was treated to a light dusting of snow last night, the first snow of this season. So what? Thanks to the social media app TimeHop, one of my college friends noticed something odd…

Courtesy of Zach Luedke



Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi sent out a message of encouragement to a 9-year-old autistic fan whose grandmother died recently.

Have a great week- oh, and for goodness sake, go and see Interstellar. It was an experience like nothing I have ever had at the movies– I loved it. So if you enjoy all the nerdy spacey things that I post on this blog, you will love Interstellar! So go and see it!

One last thing– I hope you got the chance to see this blog’s namesake this week on the Simpsons!


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